Adaptations EP

by Iselia

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released October 29, 2010



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Iselia North Carolina

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Track Name: Restless
Melancholy takes hold of me,
then it fades away.
Afterwards it feels like i'm perpetually irate.
Days like this leave me uneasy.
Days like this rekindle my hate.
Never content with what is going on.
The world isn't against us.
It just seems that way.
I'm losing my sanity.
I'm losing my fortitude.
(I'm, I'm, I'm)
I'm on the brink of insanity.
I'm locking myself in
and spending the night in solitude.
Track Name: At Day's Close
And that night I layed awake
with thoughts running through my head.
As I tossed and turned the hours fled.
The cold morning sun is drawing near.
The wind whispering and house settling is all I hear.
Thinking about my future.
Thinking about my past.
(Thinking, Thinking)
About the things that haunt me.
This isn't the first time my overactive mind has kept me up
and it won't be the last.
Track Name: These Roots, These Branches
As skyscraping trees cast shadows
there's an uncomfortable and eerie stillness in the woods.
Past the branches and clouds
the moon hangs infinitely throughout the night.
Illuminating open fields
and sheding light into fearful eyes,
but it'll only shine so far.
These roots tell tales that these branches will never hear.
And the peak of our limbs shed pale memories.
Like raindrops cascading down leaves
these memories will forever keep their place in time.
These trees are now silent
and this night it speaks.
Disregarding time the moon refuses to set.
Nothing bothers to acknowledge the existence of the sun
for it'll never rise.
This night will forever persist.