Foxes​/​Iselia Split

by Iselia

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released September 24, 2012



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Iselia North Carolina

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Track Name: (Foxes)Crawl
Track Name: (Foxes)Hollow Nest
As you blindly held me kindly and opened doors to give me a place to nest, Each twig was placed down below me as I lay in your hollowed out chest. To wait ‘til the other season, a whole life time away… As you wait to rebuild and fill this hollowed out chest, a place to nest inside you. And how your warmth was so inviting as you let me in your door and you held me close inside. And how your arms were so inspiring, I spread my own to find my home within me. Not the most beautiful of birds, no wise, no humbled heads, no claws may scratch this surface and take what makes this nest! And I’m waiting for you to rest as I’m standing here and waiting; now all this emptiness inside of you, well I welcome you with open arms. And now this place is uninviting, as the darkness brings the cold, now frozen numb within you. But still your arms are so inspiring, that warmth I once felt, now my nest, for you to rest inside me.
Track Name: (Foxes)Withered Eyes Through a Fractured Pane
The light was a blinding white an entire sense of purity. This Childs path a stone road of glistening gold to dig up and hold, but our hands must become dirty first. And on this path I walk to learn as I carry the stones behind me and as the piles grow and as time slows, the weight is only uprising. So I let go, I let go of my tensions, I let go of all my life lessons. Now a mountain left glistening in the distance behind me, yet so far ahead... I’m at the start again. So as I walk numb and weightless and on my way to my own ending, I threw away all those life lessons I learnt to cope with anything. As seconds lay wasted, I’ve wandered now lost, now lost within a cave. Blackened sound echoes within me, blind and trying to hide from the unseen, yet am I unseen too? Am I safe in this miserable place? As illusions of light alight as I blink, I hope it’s a crack in the ceiling, an easy escape that’s all so deceiving. And in the dark I lay and wait to see if the sun is rising, so as time loses its flow and so the day goes I might as well be... ageless due to an absence, of well I just don’t quite know.. It’s a pleasant absence now naive in such bliss, to process such a thought shallow in black and white blurry mist. Well I do know there was something I missed and I do know that I could find the exit, but to make the effort? Well I’m so unfit. With one hand ahead to feel a cold stone help guide a way, as the rain came it made a trickle of possible escape. And piece by piece remove the walls as rain is now flooding in, it’s the outside where finally breathe is awakening. But I’ve wandered into a sea of storm clouds possibly never ending. The night stay still, but the clouds up high are soaring, for they must weep and spread their sadness. For minutes all beauty flooded away as we were soaked in misery, we were drenched in misery. Traveler: “Your cries were heard, your worries are unwanted, just let me live and live without grief!” Oh, what cry the sky ceased.. Sky: “This dismay, this sadness, this feeling... I’ll keep locked away.” And fade, into nothing it left, it left with its dismay. “It’s okay, because I know that wanting to die is an unexplainable pain."
Track Name: (Iselia)Revenant
The morning hours with no comfort solace. A night as cold as you and I. Has the world been kind? Has your spring season turned an autumn brown? Waking chambers, in silence I sleep with dreams full of bouts of anger I've learned to keep. I haven't seen you in a while. Has the world been kind? Have you lost your heart in the fire? You know better than I that cold words turn warm gestures and I've been breathing the ice. On eves like these I only know darkness heavy as this, but I've never lost my sense of sight. I know better. Can you feel our hands reach out to fold as they were told to? Open and close. Sometimes I wonder if I can change or are we all just made out of stone. We're all just made of stone. Come close to what is left. Burning ashes. Helplessly cling to the flame. I've been alone, and I've been without a home in mind, But warm hands soothe the languish. I've grown use to the ache. (Can you feel our hands reach out to fold as they were told to? Open and close.) Calm aiding vessels standing in circles, open their hands. I never want to lose myself again, but this flame is bringing ends. I never want to lose myself again.
Track Name: (Iselia) Collective
I've been thinking of days, how I'd walk without a fear without a flinch. Like a child drawn, I've spent my days inching with a crutch, like I would write on the walls, or even spitting indoors. Let me leave the days behind. I've been thinking, "I was young, I was hopeless, and I've seen such wondering shadows lost in a daydream." I've been thinking, "I grew strong, I grew able, but I only grew tired of the momentum." I've found home in a cure. All my fears in a collective, collecting water in buckets to keep calm rushing sleep-spindles. Laying grey, then black and white to only light a grasping whisper. Inviting such defenseless. To clutch my will in your capsule. I can breathe, but I can't even move. Weightless, I see what I've done, who I am, and what is yet to come. Back and forth I've found my cure crutch too wayward to stand. You gave me your best, but I've given just an onus. Is this a test or is this hereafter? Am I failing? Are we trying? Is this it? Can I mend it? Bending to fit the shape your cast, I've turned too formless. Guide me through a night of tender morals. I want to be made up of phratries. Am I failing? Are we trying? All I have. Can I mend it? Just wake me up so I can collect sleeping perspectives changing as a collective.
Track Name: (Iselia)Standstill
Matching hues. Take a look around you. We've made your bed. Stitched quilts to ease your sleepless smile. We have your heart in our hold. Rest your eyes. You are not alone.