II: Dawn

by Iselia

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released March 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Iselia North Carolina

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Track Name: Troubled Hearts
Bracing for tomorrow, these thoughts will never leave me.
You've seen my life and Ive seen your last will left to die
I should have cut an open door
I could have saved you from the pain
but I can’t choke, not here not now.
Ive found my crawlspace
Ive earned my KeyCrest,
'll keep my old home at heart
And run to the howling
Ive never turned my claim
Ive never lost my color
This world is more than I could imagine
Is this a time for change
discord has always been from us
I know who to blame
call me home, I want to take it back
Don't take my will from me
Let my mother heal let my father fight
Let the blood fade away
I want to say that I’m ok
Before the day turns into night
I have found closure, I have my victory
Track Name: Footfalls
You’ve Given me hope
cherished light for dark eyes,
Free me from myself
I've been too far left behind
hoping for a journey to change me.
warm hearts for cold flesh.
You picked me up and stood me straight
fixed my view
I know you were always there for me.
Make me young for the first time in my life
Make me believe that I can be brave
Hand in hand
walk with me to the sand
make me see who I am
I want to see the shores
I want to wet my feet
To rest and let all else
be left at ease
Together we can calm the sea
I see the circle inside you
what this world has put you through
You gave me a reason to live, how could I ever repay you?
Take my hand and start a journey with me
let your feet fall to the ground
let our hearts grow as one
Inch by Inch
Stone by stone
you and I will go the extra mile
Track Name: Light and Darkness
You are a darkness born from me disguised as a warm light
An internal war
I could never break apart from what is apart of me
Why must you drive away everyone I love
Your maddened actions, sharp tongue are not what I hoped for
Please believe I could never
hurt an innocent I would never
Give into something like you
I am gentle green, with envy in my eyes
pull yourself together now
hold out your hand and watch it tremble
I am the man you couldn't be
Taking the form of everything you see
I am a monster
my eyes are red with rage
You were always a curse
the one with the voice
You are always a burden
this is your fate
Back down from your throne
I do not wish to be your knight any longer
I don't need this trouble don't you understand
Can't you see the pain you're causing
let me leave this world or let you leave me Alone forever
But I need to keep this necessary evil inside
Track Name: Truth Behind the Mask
Generous names given to an evil
You were too kind to refuse them
You sought a chance to aid your own
You called the crown
You act alone
Give back our seasons
Give back our home
Only nothing - all was unknown.
Give us to reason
Give us the throne
You knew the stakes, we bought the cost.
Here, now, together
I wonder of the man without the core,
Without the strength before departure.
They see the past, resolve and compassion
of childhood innocence and promises unkept.
Conclude no longer
doubt remains
A facade before my eyes
dust of the earth.
it falls to us to see this through.
I would never hurt the ones that I love
what kind of man are you
We'll try. We'll fight.
We'll Stand upright.
Your name will haunt you
As its been doing me for so long
And I hope that name will haunt you
For every last unseen wrong
Light the dark, reveal the truth, show you
Remove your mask.
Maybe we can't replace what was
but we'll mend disrepair and
sew clean your good faith
Or What's left
Seems like I've been neglecting,
kind man
Let my anger be forgiven
Full of wisdom, towering kingdom
Step forth
And sew clean your clean faith
Track Name: Dark Premonition
Broken by a war
the hand the ruler dealt.
legion of forgiveness
without cause or reason
Skies fall
shown us separate
Shown us hopeless
Help us stand tall
I want to call you kind
And turn the other cheek
I want to feel the gentle ocean air
But kindness never cared
As I was left behind in the dark
Erase what I have seen
for my eyes are terrified
Of this dark I'm trapped in
Shadow caster
Moving forward
Honesty has left from me
shaking with a heavy burning anger
Celebrating casualties
as if it were intended
They have no idea
What cost comes from their actions
make them disappear
with everything they offer
I can see the Vanguard returning to ashes just where they belong
Oh Martel, do you see the second sphere?
Do you feel the “have not” here?
Did the fire light the room or the twinkle in your eye?
I have to know
Forced to live, leave well alone
Ill find Luin….
Someplace I’d like to call home
With palmacosta gone
I miss the market, the piers and the cobblestone
the only world I know
Come and go
I miss the moral, the thoughtful
I miss the “want to”
We can/will survive on our own without you
Track Name: Reawakened Memories
Hold open the gate
Lock my demons away
We've come too far
This time to fail
We can try to fight for this world
But what's the weight worth?
Maybe we can let it fade
Let our world fall into one another
We can earn the seal but how long will it take
Maybe I can live as centurion Tenebrae with a blackened heart
I'll be a night of the skies
But I long for the day
A sacrifice could set us apart
But you called my bluff
Give me another chance and we will rewrite the land
Forget the discord, cut our loss at its source
All mama is in our hands
I will send to you
Ship me out, bring me to the beginning
I want to go home
I've always wanted to meet life half way
I'm tired of teething
Tired of cringing
Constantly fleeting like I've always done
Let me feel the old warmth of my bed on the shore
Let my eyes burn with the brightness of a newborn
Show me the sun like I've never seen it before, the dawn of a brand new world
Track Name: Eternal Bond
A hiding call
A biding law to keep our worlds apart
For now
I've done my best and now it's time to shut out
All the fury
All the anger
Are forgotten
We stand alone
No more time to hang on to the cold
The only way to move on is to move
Leaping forward
Let the warmth in
Break the bond
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality"