Life From Dead Limbs

by Iselia

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released July 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Iselia North Carolina

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Track Name: Dead Limbs
Scold through gritted teeth, clench both fists.
Everything that is hated resides inside them.
The grip constricts as every moment passes by,
as every memory constantly ticks.
And so those nights began
"where sleep was solace and solace finally caved in."
Awake, thinking of the things
that don't seem to let go.
Thinking of what could've been,
of what should've been.
It may get the best of us,
but I swear it won't be the death of us.
And if I could, I'd always keep you from harms way;
I'd keep all your demons at bay.
If I could, I'd strike them all again, again, and again,
until they couldn't live to see another day,
if it meant you'd always be okay.
Track Name: Assurance, Uphold
I’ll grasp the arm that wishes to harm you, and won’t let go.
There’s nothing to worry about.
Just lay your head and go to sleep.
I'll protect you.
Track Name: Homeland
The old familiar scent of an all too familiar place.
It sets my heart to a certain pace.
It sets my heart to a certain pace.
All that I see, all that I hear,
all the things I must embrace.
Everything I know, Everything I face
is all here and it'll never fade.
Comforting, yet somewhat haunting.
Nourishing like a warm light.
All that I see, All that I hear,
all the things I must embrace.
Everything I know, Everything I face
is all here and it'll never fade.
It's all here.
I'll never break from the cluthes of nostalgia.
I'll never break from it.
We are all drawn to our homeland.
Track Name: Restless
Melancholy takes hold of me,
then it fades away.
Afterwards it seems like i'm perpetually irate.
Days like these leave me uneasy.
Days like these rekindle my hate.
Never content with what is going on.
The world isn't against us,
It just seems that way.
I'm losing my sanity.
I'm losing my fortitude.
(I'm, I'm, I'm)
I'm on the brink of insanity.
I'm locking myself in
and spending the night in solitude.
Track Name: At Day's Close
And that night I layed awake
with thoughts running through my head.
As I tossed and turned the hours fled.
The cold morning sun is drawing near.
The wind whispering and house settling is all I hear.
Thinking about my future.
Thinking about my past.
(Thinking, Thinking, Thinking)
About the things that haunt me.
This isn't the first time my overactive mind has kept me up
and it won't be the last.
This isn't the first time
and it won't be the last.
Track Name: Great Kharlan
A childs favorite toy left to collect dust,
familiar faces and years gone by.
Here we are now standing still.
Hearts torn, we must learn to let go.
Our feet will ache.
Our hands will miss.
Hearts torn, we must learn to let go.
Seedlings, frail twigs.
These things reminded me of you.
So young, so ambitious
every thought is of you.
And as seasons changed
I know you've dug deep.
Now reach out to the sun
and i'll admire in the distance
as I watch your silhouette
with it's arms outstretched.
And no matter how strong the winds get,
no matter how dark the clouds get,
Stand strong
Be brave
Grow tall
Track Name: Roadside
A part of me was left on that street,
and to this day it lies on the roadside.